Thursday, March 27, 2008

Charlotte Collard


How long have you been an ASW member?

Charlotte Collard: I’ve been a member for about 2 years.

What is your favorite site feature?

CC: Flat rentals! As I have to travel a lot, I always go through ASW. I’m more confident about the places I find there. And I’ve always been very lucky in finding the best places with ASW.

You were a NY East Village girl for four years. Where do you call 'home' now?

CC: NYC was my base for five years, but eight months ago I moved back to Brussels. I’m still waiting to settle down, so for the moment let’s say that I’m between Zurich and Brussels.

Your work means that you are constantly jet-setting. How does that impact on your life?

CC: As long as you hang out with the right people it will always have a good impact on your life. It is always very interesting to meet new people!

What is the best job you have ever done?

CC: I wouldn’t say it was the best job, but the most exciting was a photo shoot in St Tropez with Michel Comte. We were shooting for the Italian GQ and it was three days of partying. It was my best experience!

Which modeling agency represents you?

CC: I have many agencies but the most important ones are my new agency in New York – XS Models, and in Belgium – New Models Agency.

What is your greatest vice?

CC: Nutella

How were you ‘discovered’ as a model?

CC: I had some photographers in Brussels asking me to do a small photo shoot and I’ve always wanted to be a model. At school we (girls) were all talking about modeling. So one day (in September ’98) my mother took me to an agency... and that’s how it started.

How do you define beauty?

CC: For me, a beautiful girl is a girl who doesn’t need to wear make-up and still looks good, fresh and natural. And we can also talk about being beautiful inside; being nice, honest and respectful... because ‘what goes around, comes around’.

What's your view on the recent controversy about models being too thin?

CC: I think it is a good idea to react against anorexia. It doesn’t give the best example, and young girls are easily influenced. I hope one day it will change and magazines will be full of shapely women.

What do you think is the most important quality in a model and why?

CC: The most important quality in a model (and not only in a model, in every single job) is being professional by being on time, being flexible with your schedule (always be prepared to leave for a last-minute job and know that you can sometimes work very late at night or very early in the morning). And being easy with people.

You are pursuing some very interesting studies. Tell us about that.

CC: I finished a diamond grading a few months ago and I’ll be moving to Florence by the end of October to study the colored stones at the GIA and become a gemologist!

And your hobby sounds interesting, too. How did you get into Thai boxing?

CC: My brother was boxing three times a week so one day I decided to try it with him! I became addicted so I continue to do it almost every day.

What's your fashion tip for the summer?

CC: Get some sun but always protect your skin!

Travel Destination?

CC: I love the Bahamas: Harbour Island

Top 5 hotels?

CC: Le Sirenuse in Positano,Italy, Las Balsas in Patagonia, Argentina, Ocean View, Harbour Island, Bahamas, Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Itally, The Chedi, Oman, United Emirates and more...


CC: Yasuda, NYC

Museum or Gallery?

CC: The Met in NYC


CC: A film that caught my attention was Blood Diamond. It’s not a favorite to watch every day, but very interesting.

Historical figure?

CC: Andy Warhol


CC: Non-fiction books about ecology or psychology, because when I read a book I need to learn something from it.

Artist? Why?

CC: Henri Cartier Bresson. I love photography and my dream when I was very young was to become a photo journalist. I’ve done some personal work and it is a hide and seek game with your target; always try to capture the right moment at the right time; a way to express yourself.

I also love Lucio Fontana, Jean Michel Basquiat, Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Mark Rothko

Top 3 Songs?

CC: I love all kinds of music


CC: I don’t drink so bars are not my favorite spots


CC: I’m a gadget girl, so Blackberry, iPod, latest digital camera, computer...etc


CC: You don t need to spend a lot of money for your clothes, get a nice pair of shoes and a nice bag and it will be enough!


CC: Sorry I don’t drink but love smoothies ;)

—- Laura Jakobovits

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