Thursday, March 27, 2008

Giulia Siegel


When and how did you become a member of ASW?

Giulia Siegel: I got invited by a friend in September, 2004

Of all your talents, which include modeling, acting and DJing, what is your greatest passion?

GS: My greatest passions are my 3 kids: Marlon, 12, and the twins, Nathan & Mia, 5

You are the daughter of famous German pop composer Ralph Siegel. What role did music play in your life as you were growing up?

GS: Music was my first love… and hopefully not the last. My head is full of music, 24 hours a day. Every single word I hear makes me think of lyrics for/from a song.

Earlier this year you released your own single, 'Dance'. What's it like performing your own song and how does it compare to mixing as a DJ?

GS: I was very proud of my first single. My label company just asked me to make another two tracks. The difference between mixing and producing is that mixing allows me to make the people dance for hours! Writing involves more brainpower and creativity as I work for days in the studio.

What are your plans for the future, in terms of your career?

GS: I would love to produce my own first album, which will take at least a year. Hopefully my first compilation will come out at the end of the year. Also, I just got a lead role in a film, which will be produced in November and I will present on a new TV show in September/October.

You say your favorite places to live are Munich, south of France, Ibiza and Miami. Where do you feel most at home?

GS: Munich will always be my home. It’s near to the Lago Di Garda, near to Kitzbühl. Munich gives me everything I need to be happy.

Your life motto is ‘Fantasy is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is confined.’ When and how do you think you made this discovery for yourself?

GS: The answer is too private to publish on the net ;-)

What was your favorite film to work on and why?

GS: It was a short movie called After Hours, produced by Clay Coleman. It was about a murder in a snooker bar – winner shoots loser and gets me. A short trailer is on my homepage

What achievement are you most proud of in your life? ?

GS: My three kids.

How did you discover the actress in you?

GS: I’m still trying to find her. It’s hard to say… I think through modeling, working on different faces and attitudes. Having a good teacher for every movie could be the most important thing about being a great actress.


GS: Munich

Travel Destination?

GS: Ibiza


GS: Trader Vics in Munich, Elephant in Ibiza, Il Vicolo in Paris, Light in Milan, Tristan in Mallorca

Top 5 hotels?

GS:East Hotel in Hamburg, Diana Majestic in Milan, Savoy in Cologne, Four Seasons in Bali, ‘Hotel Mama’ (I prefer to rent houses, like in Ibiza, so that I can cook myself and invite a lot of friends)

Museum or gallery?

GS: New Pinacothèque in Munich


GS: So many! I’m collecting DVDs. I don’t have a favorite one.


GS: Any kind of biography


GS:Schumann’s in Munich


GS: I love online shopping at Ebay


GS: Absolut Vodka or Level on the rocks, “nectar” from Moët & Chandon

Top 3 songs?

GS: ‘Bat Out of Hell’ by Meat Loaf, ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless, ‘Hijo de la Luna’ by Montserrat Caballé

—- Laura Jakobovits

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