Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Quick Glance at the Frankfurt Book Fair

What was it all about?
With more than 6,000 exhibitions from over 120 countries, the Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book fair in the world. This year the deal fervor was high, with chatter between agents, publishers, film producers, and distributors.

Why people go?
To buy and sell books - Frankfurt is an in-house affair for people in the book business. Although unpublished writers are not the focus, it was a good place to learn about publishing (the seminars are great) as well as to discover obscure publishers.

Who was there?
Germany’s ex-foreign minister Joschka Fischer was interviewed by Der Spiegel to talk about his new book The Red-Green Year. British Novelist Fay Weldon discussed female misery in society, domestic wars, and her new book She May Not Leave. Italian novelist Umberto Eco talked about the History of Ugliness. The fair was, of course, filled with ASW members like Lana Cevro, Leticia Jiménez-Buil, and Marco Caffagni.

ASW Member Hendrik Teneues’ publishing company teNeues held a launch party for Eyes Over Africa, which was amazing. Other fun parties were the Cannon Gate’s party, the Cook Book Awards, Bertelsman’s party and ASW Member Rolfe Swinton’s party for his company CPI Publishing Solutions, which was held at a nearby castle.

— Staff

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