Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hollywould Creative Director, Holly Dunlap, Uncovers the Secrets of Capri


I have just returned from spending a long weekend in Capri, which I highly recommend. In case you’re lucky enough to be headed there in the next few months, here’s a list of the island’s highlights:

Hotel: The JK Place Capri is the hottest new spot on the island, and while I was there none other than Princess Caroline of Monaco was also a guest. This place is quickly beating out the Quisisana as the place to see and be seen on the island. And with such a great spa, fabulous pool, amazing service, and to-die-for interiors, we gave it a six star rating.

Cashmere: Occhi Addosso, or ‘Eyes Open’, has the best cashmere in town for when dinners on the boat get a bit chilly. Their signature color cashmere is a bright mint green, which cannot be found anywhere else.

Linen: Capri’s most famous shirt maker, 100% Capri, has beautiful shirts and pants for men and women. Everything in the store is made right there on the island, including bed sheets that need to be kept so crisp your maid will want to leave you. Everything at 100% Capri is white and they don’t plan to add color anytime soon.

Late lunch: Ristorante La Fontelina, which can only be reached by boat, is a great place to sit for hours and eat delicious seafood while sipping peach white wine sangria. Come for lunch around 4pm and stay for sunset.

Boat snacks: When packing lunch for a day of sailing, try cheese from Ferraro, wine from Capannina, and fresh bread from Sfizi di Capri.

Gelato: The best fresh gelato on the island comes from Raffaele Buonocore, who makes the famous Capri flavor ‘Fantasia di Capri’, a mix of cream, toasted almonds and Nutella. Buonocore also makes great take-out pastas, meatballs and pastries for the boat.

Cocktails: While all the sailors and locals sip apertivo in the Piazzetta, another great place to have cocktails is still the Hotel Quisisana’s Krug Bar. Both venues are great for people-watching, but for those who want privacy and romance, there is no better spot than the terrace of the Hotel JK.

Dinner: The only spot for locals is Aurora, where we sat next to the owner of Ferrari and the national football team, who was eating pizza with his (much) younger girlfriend. Everything on the menu here is great, but starting with their flat pizza breads is highly recommended.

Caftans: To look like an updated version of Talitha Getty, head straight to Lady Capri, where you’ll find bohemian beaded chiffon caftans that go all the way to the floor and are perfect for a chic apertivo on the yacht’s helicopter landing pad.

Coral & terracotta: In order to fit in with the sailors, you’ll need at least one piece of coral jewelry (yes, men included), and my favorite spot for deals also happens to be the oldest store in Capri, Adele and Silvia, which also sells traditional terracotta pottery. This little gem of a spot is run by the fourth generation grand-daughter and is a rare and dying breed of store on this little island, which has recently been invaded by the mega-brands.

Interiors: Whether for the yacht or the home, the new Flair store on Capri is a divine little jewel box. If you’re already furnished to the hilt, this little shop will make you want to buy one more home just to be able to shop for it.

Perfume: Anyone who has been to Capri knows of the Carthusia perfume factory, which was started by monks on the island in 1948. As with everything good in life, this perfume can now be found around the world, but their factory shop is still worth a visit as you’ll find scented soaps and sachets you can’t get anywhere else.

— Holly Dunlap

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