Thursday, March 27, 2008

Halloween in NY: ASW Scenesters Reveal Their Party Plans and Costumes

Valerie Boster
Who is she? Fashion 'It Girl' and Vogue Editor
Halloween plans? Cavalli party and a loft party in Brooklyn
Costume? Cocktail attire for Cavalli party and changing to a hipster outfit (American Apparel, head-to-toe) for Brooklyn

Fabian Basabe
Who is he? Handsome party boy and blogger
Halloween plans? Lance Bass' party in Hollywood then to a private dinner at le deux
Costume? He and his wife Martina are going as quarterback and cheerleader

Lauren Goodman
Who is she? The hip Fashion Director of Domino, also affectionately known as 'Spaghetti Legs'
Halloween plans? V Magazine Party and Cavalli party at Cipriani
Costume? A nurse, à la Richard Prince; maybe a Park Avenue nurse or Long Island nurse, depending on her mood.

Euan Rellie
Who is he? An investment banker, co-founder of Business Development Asia LLC, chairman of his wife's business, Lucy Sykes New York, and 'man about town'.
Halloween plans? Trick-or-treating in the Far West Village with kids, Heathcliff and Titus Rellie
Costume? Heathcliff Rellie and Euan Rellie will both be dressed as the Black Spider-Man from Spider-Man. Titus Rellie will be dressed as a cow. Lucy Sykes Rellie will be dressed as Wonder Woman.

Holly Doran
Who is she? Former Special Events Associate at Vogue and now Global Events Director at ASMALLWORLD
Halloween plans? Taking her daughter trick-or-treating (she's an octopus), then heading to the Cavalli/Cipriani/ASMALLWORLD Halloween Party.
Costume? She and friends are going as the Easy Spirit Basketball Girls: Short Shorts. Tube Socks. Tank Top. High Heels. And a basketball. Swish!

Brian Wolk and Claude Morais
Who are they? The Ruffian designers, a.k.a. the Ruffian Boys
Halloween plans? Maximillion Whitney's party
Costume? Cain and Abel

Marissa Anshutz
Who is she? The prettiest rising star in PR, Director at SYNDICATE
Halloween plans? V Magazine Halloween Party at the Gramercy Park Hotel Rose Bar (hosted by Gemma Ward) and then heading to The Box, NYC, where Sagatiba Cachaça is hosting – Blood Orange Sagatiba Capirinhas will be served to ensure that everyone gets their fill of the spirit of Brazil.
Costume? Lolita – lollipops will power her through the night as will looking through heart-shaped rose-colored glasses at the Halloween debauchery.

Joseph Varet
Who is he? Founder of LX.TV and on the Contemporary Art scene
Halloween plans? House party in LA
Costume? An IDF soldier

Karen Duffy
Who is she? Bubbly Fashion Consultant
Halloween plans? Taking her two-month-old little girl to the Museum of Natural History for the Twelfth Annual Halloween Festival, then heading to V Magazine party and ending up at Cipriani Downtown
Costume? A ladybug

Melissa Skoog
Who is she? Powerhouse and Vice President of PR at Prada
Halloween plans? Bronxville to trick-or-treat with my nine-year-old nephew, William.
Costume? William bought her costume a few weeks ago because he thought that it was perfect for her... red devil ears so that she can be the devil wearing Prada!

Melanie Charlton Fascitelli
Who is she? Founder and President of Clos-ette, Palm Beach princess, and author of Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style
Halloween plans? The Barish's Annual Halloween Party
Costume? A huge afro wig and short green dress – the auto-wash girl from the 70s movie, Car Wash

Di Petroff
Who is she? Social creature with a love of travel, freelance journalist
Halloween plans? The Police concert at Madison Square Garden
Costume? Tibi top and Michael Kors pants

Laird Borrelli
Who is she? Fashion Editor at
Halloween Plans? Neckface event, as she collects his work, which she finds pretty scary!
Costume? Tuleh dress with a print by Fabrizio

Luigi Tadini
Who is he? It boy, 24-year- old VP of Tadini Jewelers
Halloween plans? Heading to a bacchanalia Fellini style; the theme is Satyricon.
Costume? Something Fellini-esque

Tamsin Londsdale
Who is she? New Brit in town, founder of The Supper Club
Halloween Plans? Gold Bar
Costume? A flapper, but with a masculine take, so instead of a dress she will be wearing high waisted shorts, tuxedo shirt, black waistcoat, Marc Jacobs heels, black hat from Patricia Fields, so all black and white, apart from blood red nails and red fake eyelashes.

— Sabine Heller

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