Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sister Act-Melina and Jessica Solnicki


When and how did you become members of ASW?

Melina: September 2004
Jessica: All my friends from around the world began to talk to me about it and I was invited.

What is your favorite site-feature on ASW?

M: The beautiful pictures of all my friends on the site!
J: The way you are able to get advice from cosmopolitan people telling you about different places to visit.

What separates your collection from all the other collections out there?

M & J: Our collection is very eclectic and fun! We always try to infuse our personalities into our designs. We are constantly inspired to make new pieces – we created the first leather jackets made with elastics and ruching and everyone loved them! When we arrived in New York [for sales], we had the jacket and a pair of simple pants offered in a variety of 60 bright colors. They were a huge success and put us on the map. Our very first editorial was the cover of Black Book with stylish Cate Blanchett wearing our ruched leather jacket. We want to make women feel different, sexy, have fun, look colorful and flatter all body types.

How is Argentinean style different from that of, say, New York, London or Paris?

M & J: We feel Argentinean women are between the classy, refined, intellectual Parisian and the sexy, cool, urban, hip New York gal. Think a blend of Carrie and Charlotte from Sex in the City. We feel the Argentineans are very aware of their appearance and their look is very thought-out as opposed to the more relaxed look we found in elegant Europeans. But the Argentinean woman has a very sexual appeal and is very aware of her body and curves. Her look is very much a consequence of the obsession in our society to always look very hot hot hot!!

When and why did you decide to launch a clothing collection?

M & J: We are very much girlie girls and loved fashion at a young age. I studied at Parsons and Jessica pursued architecture. After our studies we were constantly brainstorming up what we wanted to wear but could not find in Argentina. We decided to take the risk and make pieces ourselves but when Argentina experienced its worst economic crisis, we decided go to New York and launched in 2002.

You have three stores in Argentina. Any plans to open elsewhere? What is your ideal location?

M & J: We opened last summer in Punta del Este and it was a huge success. Super model Eva Herzigova was among the many personalities who shopped at our store. We love to seek out locations that are less commercial; a place where international travelers and jet-setters could go to shop and find the perfect pieces from day to night without having to leave town. We are also planning to open a store in Mexico City. We definitely plan to expand and continue to open boutiques worldwide.

You had your first show in Los Angeles this past season, which was quite special. Can you tell us what happened?

M & J: We were initially scheduled to show on Monday, March 19th, but because of the storm in New York, the collection did not make it in time and, ironically, there was an opening on my birthday, Thursday, March 22.

It was very emotional for me. I was surprised and touched when all 18 models paraded at the end of the show each carrying a cake with candles. It created a very magical moment for our first show. We always want to stand out and be different and we want all women to embrace and express their own uniqueness as we do.


Melina: NYC!!
Jessica: Buenos Aires

Travel Destination?

Melina: South of France, Portofino, St Barths, Formentera and all the exotic places in the world!
Jessica: Punta del Este


Melina: Hôtel du Cap, Cap d’Antibes
Jessica: Palais Royal in Deauville (during the cinema festival period)


Melina: Under the beautiful sky full of stars, Marismo in Punta del Este
Jessica: l´Orangerie (Courchevel)

Museum or gallery?

Melina: The Vatican in Rome
Jessica: Centre Pompidou, Paris


Melina: Character
Jessica: Cinema Paradiso


Melina: Autobiographies of my favorite artists – Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Marie Antoniette, Coco Chanel and many more.
Jessica: Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer

Cause? Which one and why?

Melina: I believe in any charity that raises money for a good cause and that helps the less fortunate. Ideally, I would love someday to create a proper orphanage for children in Argentina.
Jessica: Handicapped people without legs or arms. We want to help them by providing prosthetic arms and legs so they can live life to the fullest. 10% of our revenue goes towards this cause.


Melina: Frida Kahlo; her pain and suffering are very vivid in her paintings.
Jessica: Mies van der Rohe (architect)

Historical figure? Why?

Melina: Moses and Abraham, for being such important influences in the Jewish tradition.
Jessica: Golda Meir. I think the world should be ruled by women.


Melina: Harry’s Bar, Venice
Jessica: Le Baron, Paris


Melina: I cannot live without my Mac, iPod, and Blackberry
Jessica: My piano


Melina: Charlotte Solnicki in Punta del Este and Buenos Aires!
Jessica: Colette, Paris


Melina: Caipiroska baby!!
Jessica: Baileys on the rocks.

Top 3 songs?

Melina: ‘Corcovao du Ipanema’ – Astroud Gilberto
‘The Mission’ – Itzhak Perlman
‘You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine’ – Michael Buble
Jessica: ‘Ave Maria’ – Bach
‘Nocturne’ – Chopin
‘Hello’ – The Doors

—- Erin Skrypek

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